Let it flow

Let it Flow

Water has always held a fervent fascination for me. The ethereal nature of its powerful flow has drawn my attention since I was a child. Made up of the chemical compound H2O, Water can be either one of the fiercest forces of nature, or the most tranquil. It has the ability to take life or […]

Hanging out in King’s Landing

Sailing away

Chances are, most of you haven’t thought about Croatia as a viable vacation destination. The newest EU member certainly had its share of dark times in the past, but don’t let the past history get in the way of a great vacation in a truly beautiful place. Of course, most people inadvertently know Croatia’s Dubrovnik […]


Mountain Reflecting in a Lake

Beer is usually the drink mostly associated with Germany, and while the nectar of the gods is certainly one of the country’s most famous cultural icons, Germany is also a country with a vast cultural background and tremendous beauty in its landscapes.  I always enjoy coming back to Germany for some photography and to explore […]